What DEPA ICT does

DEPA ICT is a company of Stefania Pagliarini which is an internationally oriented IT expert with a wide experience in development and analysis. DEPA ICT creates websites, sets up all your social media channels synchronizing your events through visual consistency and unique voice, support you for technical matters, maintains the website and the domain.
The collaboration with RWB, a graphic designer studio, add value to the package in order to fulfill the customer needs. Beside the website we offer also house style, logo, letterhead, business card, flyer, brochure and all types of marketing materials.

Website realization - Wedding industry

Website realization and design

We collect requirements and creates proposals for your website to be built on different platforms with a creative, user-friendly design that matches the business objectives. We look after the domain and the technical matters. We create your house style.

Linkedin post

Take the most from your socials

We set up all your social media channels: linkedin, facebook fan page, google plus, twitter, pinterest, instagram and more. Your events and your website will be synchronized. The main goal is gaining new customers, attracting fans and followers.

Automated tasks in Excel by Excel VBA.

Grow your business with smart solutions

We help customers to grow their businesses with smart solutions and expert advice. We offer analysis and development, automation or customized utilities for Excel or Access (using VBA), database creation, business analysis for banking.


DEPA ICT services

Why should you choose DEPA ICT?

DEPA ICT has successfully built professional online solutions over the last 5 years – from concept and strategy to design and development, integration, hosting, marketing, and maintaining websites.
DEPA ICT is also specialized in making ad hoc solutions based on the state of the art technologies.
The big news of 2016 is the launch of WEBuild4U, which adds value to the IT-full-package offer for small and mid-size businesses.

Experience in a vast array of industries
Most popular Content management systems
We make your life easier managing all IT aspects
We combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual message

DEPA ICT works



fiordiFIORI website has a new look

New look for fiordiFIORI Why? For two mandatory reasons: The former website was built with Joomla 2.x, which is out of maintenance fiordiFIORI * wanted a clean, elegant and faster website I started

New website for Étoile clinique de beauté

Welcome Étoile clinique de beauté WEBuild4U, web development combined with the creativity to provide you with customized services, has just started but there’s already a new project launched: Étoile clinique

Welcome WEBuild4U

WEBuild4U is web development combined with the creativity to provide you with customized services. Behind the scene of WEBuild4U you will find DEP@ict (me) and RwB (Roberta), that collaborate in order

Back from the Bride Show Dubai

I’m back! It was an amazing experience. I had the chance to meet wedding suppliers and now looking forward to working on the follow up. There were also Italian suppliers, that

The Bride Show Dubai 2016

Mission: gathering contacts for future collaborations in the wedding industry. Location: The Bride Show Dubai 2016 DEP@ict activities: social media management, ‪website updates, preparation of marketing material, ‪analysis of the possible contacts starting


2016! New year, new collaboration, new house style and – of course – new website. One page navigation, clean and responsive. You can have it – even better – for


Owner, senior analyst and developer

  • Analyst and development skills.
  • Knowledge of the payment system raised during the long experience in international banks both in Italy and in The Netherlands.
  • Knowledge of all aspects of the software development lifecycle (from requirements collection to deployment) and a quality-oriented attitude.
  • Good team player available to help others and accept hints.
  • Used to work in an international environment.
  • Customer focused.


  • Italian native
  • French native
  • English advanced (in progress)
  • Dutch low intermediate (in progress)
team image
Stefania Pagliarini
Owner, Senior developer and analyst

I am an internationally oriented IT expert with a wide experience in development and analysis.

Since January 2010, I have owned DEPA ICT, which offers IT services and web development.

For several projects run through DEPA ICT, I delivered solutions starting from gathering requirements until definition of system details and implementation. When required, I also designed the database layer.

I used to work as liaison between a technical department and a business counterpart, elevating the technical language to a business level and, the other way around, defining lower level requirements from the business ones.

In the last years I have built a significant experience on CMS, related components and websites realization.

Stefania has worked in my department for the TASgroup. She is specialist on the TAS products and did her work very well. She works very good with collegues. She is a reliable collegues who delivers according agreement.
Liezeke Bianchi
Portfolio manager Swift&Mift
Stefania did a great job in the first international project we worked together at ABN AMRO.
Her open-minded approach and her passion helped all the group to overcome the cultural differences typical of the international context we worked together for one year.
Gianpiero Caretti
Head of International Project Managers at TAS Group


Do not hesitate to contact me and ask any questions you like.

email: info[at]depa-ict[dot]com

support: support[at]depa-ict[dot]com

Skype: ex-pagliarinis

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