I am an internationally oriented IT expert with a wide experience in development and analysis.

Since January 2010, I have owned DEPA ICT, which offers IT services and web development.

For several projects run through DEPA ICT, I delivered solutions starting from gathering requirements until definition of system details and implementation. When required, I also designed the database layer.

I used to work as liaison between a technical department and a business counterpart, elevating the technical language to a business level and, the other way around, defining lower level requirements from the business ones.

In the last years I have built a significant experience on CMS, related components and websites realization.

Previously, I used to work in banking. I have been working in several Italian cities – Milan, Rome and Florence – and in Amsterdam, where I currently live.

I was involved on analysing and developing back-office functionalities for innovative banking solutions and data warehouse projects.

I was leading the migration of Banca di Pistoia’s customers to Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, with responsibilities on technical and functional sides.

Furthermore, I participated in the creation of test plans and procedures to certify the quality of the different implementations.

In Amsterdam, within ABN and RBS, I worked on different assignments:

  • Point of contact between the vendor – development party located in Italy – and ABN/RBS for the deployment of critical SWIFT related applications, delivering the final configuration to implement SEPA, Access Direct, EQUENS and Financial corporates
  • Separation project from ABN and RBS
  • Replacement of the ETEBAC protocol and following migration for the customers of the French branch of RBS
  • Implementation of the File Handler solution in ABN
Stefania Pagliarini, DEP@ict owner


  • PHP, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, C, pro-C, C# running on .NET framework, Visual Basic, TOOL (Forte), Assembler, Basic
  • C Shell, Korn Shell
  • Operating systems
  • Very good knowledge of MS Excel, MS Access: data processing using VBA project
  • Very good knowledge of MS Word
  • Database
    • Oracle, MySQL
  • Analyst and development skills.
  • WordPress and Joomla.
  • Knowledge of the payment system raised during the long experience in international banks both in Italy and in The Netherlands.
  • Knowledge of all aspects of the software development lifecycle (from requirements collection to deployment) and a quality-oriented attitude.
  • Good team player available to help others and accept hints.
  • Used to work in an international environment.
  • Customer focused.

Italian: native

French: native

English: advanced

Dutch: intermediate


  • Working in collaboration with an Italian company as analyst and developer for a Web project (Technologies: CMS, php, html; DB: MySQL). My job involved translating business requirements into more detailed system requirements, designing the database for the application and implementing the software interface. I was also asked to deliver test cases and the user guide.
  • Delivering a front end solution – using Microsoft Excel VBA – to extract information from a DB aimed to create a list of activities with related code, price and discount.
  • Realizing a Windows form application by using C# running on .NET framework for an automation project: the aim was to migrate the old project from VB.NET to C#.NET then analyse and develop new functionalities as multi-effects management.
  • Creating websites for a vast array of industries.
  • Managing social media marketing and public relations for different customers.

I worked at RBS as Interim Business Analyst (DEPA ICT) in GTS Business Improvement.

Project: ETEBAC replacement and migration for the customers of RBS French branch.

Main duties were: Internal pilot within ETEBAC replacement project, Tools and documentation for ETEBAC migration.


I set up DEPA ICT my own business in The Netherlands.

I worked at TAS Group an international company, which has headquarter in Milano, providing software solutions for the SWIFT/FileAct area to ABN and RBS in The Netherlands.

File Handler and related modules act as router between any Back Office Application of the bank (CORE) and external counterparties using SWIFT/FileAct protocol and different services like MACUG and SCORE.

This experience gave me the chance of working in an international environment dealing with distributed teams (India, Italia, USA, LatAm and UK)

Main duties and responsabilities:

  • Implementation of the solutions
    • I was in charge to check the deliverables and customize them to fit the client test environments. Since deploy was in charge to an external team, I created installation manuals as well.
  • Business analyses
    • I performed troubleshooting with the aim to provide as much details as possible in order to drive bug fixing. I realized test plans and procedures to check whole set of standard functionalities as well as specific and customized ones.
    • I prepared courses to transfer knowledge to different technical support teams.
  • Application management
    • I managed and documented configuration changes in the applications: implementation of SEPA flows in ABN and RBS, SAG migration in RBS, Core Banking & Payments in RBS, on boarding of new customers in RBS, Target2 flows.  I cooperated with the client technical support team as SME of the application.

I worked in Telemec Spa a commercial network with clerical duties.

My main duty was management control: starting from deals, I was in charge to plan steps to produce related spots. I was responsible of the TV program.

I worked at DS Data Systems Spa (DS Finance area) – Parma as analyst.

Main duties and responsibilities

I was in charge of analyzing and performing QA activities on back-office functionalities of the innovative solution for banks and financial institutions working on the stock market. I worked in Milan, at SAI Sim and BPM, with the aim of collect customer requirements to develop vertical modules of the Asset Management suite. I worked in Florence, at the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, as coordinator of the various phases of installation of the application and customer’s migration.

I was busy with a data warehouse project based on J2EE for ICCREA bank of Roma. I followed up problems reported by customers and the organization of the QA environment (dba, certification test, releases).

I worked at K-Controls s.r.l. KOPPEL A.W. Group Spa – Parma, installation and maintenance of lifts.

I was responsible for the IT department. The job involved production of the lift management software and the warehouse and production planning management.

I worked at Omicron S.r.l. – Parma, Industry automation, as a software developer. I developed suite (transport enquiries management) for the province of Bologna and cartographic elaboration using Autocad.

I worked at Syntronic S.r.l. – Parma, production of electronic devices.

I was in charge to assembly and testing electronic devices.