Website restyling

It is time to give to your outdated website a new makeover.
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Do you have an outdated website? Do you want to give it a new makeover? Website restyling is the service for you. Nowadays, we need to follow the best practice of the search engines if we want our website attractive for them. It is not - only - about graphic design, it is about coding: your website needs clean HTML, well-optimized and organized, your website needs to be usable and efficient.

  • as-is analysis
  • to-be analysis
  • analysis for the new website organization: menus, links, news, social and others
  • gathering contents and media
  • website realization - applying a new template - in development environment
  • carry out acceptance tests, together with the Customer, to determine whether the deliverable conform with the specifications and whether the deliverable has any defects
  • promotion in production environment (go live)

fiordiFIORI, wedding and event designer in Italy

TripPuzzle, innovative DMC and Tour Operator Incoming for Sicily

Michela Martello, visual artist living and working in New York


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